Fully servo motor flexo press

Product overview

One of the major request of the printers today is the possibility of printing on extensible materials needed for packaging industry.

The problems relative to the maintainance of the printing register in these cases are well known by the printers. So here the technology of the electrical shaft becomes crucial. 

SYNCHROLINE is equipped with printing groups governed singularly by brushless motors and the setting and mainteinance  of the printing register of the whole press is governed by the electric board with a system of register control. This ables to correct on real time the deviation from the register due to the extentions of the material.

For the printing industry that looks for maximum versatility and the possibility of  working on a wide gamma of materials. 

Main features

SYNCHROLINE is equipped with A.B.S. printing unit:

  • Hi-FiT system: An innovative system is used for print  rolls  allowing for immediate fitting of cylinders of different diameter with no need for an adapter. In fact print rolls lay on a special algorithmical-studied curve that ables to keep constant the printing pressure varying the roll diameter.
  • Hi-FiX system: The plate cylinder is pneumatically clamped with a conical piston that grants irreversibility of motion and reduces motions and vibrations to a minimum.
  • Hi-DynamiX system: The blade is pressured against the anilox roller with pneumatical system, determining an auto-adaptive pressure dynamic, resulting in the best ink distribution.
  • Hi-InX system: When the machine stops, the ink roller (anilox) is first removed, followed (after a settable time) by the print cylinder, in order to clean ink in excess (an essential operation when using non-UV inks).


  • Fully automatic electronic pre-registration system: minimum material waste, minimum waste of time, maximum precision.
  • Fully automatic register controls with parametrizaion system for perfect registration on extensible materials.
  • Electronical tension control for perfect tensioning of different substrates.
  • Quality analisys sytem.

Tech Specs

Paper width [mm]350450550620
Print width [mm]330430530600
No. print. units[n]2-102-102-102-10
Unwinding diameter [mm]1000100010001000
Max speed [m/min]220220220220
Min print length [inches]8888
Max print length [inches]24242424
Min length rotary die [inches]8888
Max length rotary die [inches]24242424
No. rotary dies [n]2-52-52-52-5
Printable materialspaper, adhesive paper, extensible film paper, adhesive paper, extensible filmpaper, adhesive paper, extensible film
paper, adhesive paper, extensible film

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