In the first sense we believe that Quality is conformance to requirements. Every product or service has a requirement: a description of what customer needs.

Technical support

Lombardi Converting Machinery offers a complete service of technical assistence. We offer  competent technicians always ready to give support to your company. Our services consist of:

  •  Installation and on-site teaching of machinery functioning
  •  Sending and substitution of spare parts
  •  Repairing of damaged parts (both mechanical and electronical) 
  •  If necessary, performing of modifications according to customer needs

Our service is ready and efficent and  is based on a fundamental principle: when you buy  from us, you don't buy only a  product. you buy  ourcompetence.

If You win, We win.


Our customer assistence is not only technical, we also offer a service of consulence to improve your production. We only want the best for the labelprinter. And we make available our competence to help the customer to get the best.

We offer:

  •  Customized study and projectation of the best mechanical and electronical features of the machineries, according to your requirements
  •  Analysis about the best machinery set up  for you kind of work, in order to obtain the best results
  •  Availability  to organize on-site test of  our machinery. Our company is always open for your tests.

We invite everyone interested in testing the quality of our machines to contact us and to have a test in our estabilishment.

Be satisfied, before buying.