The italian idea of flexo

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A. is a world wide famous company in production and distribution of automatic  punching machines for labels and envelopes, flexographic central drum machines, and narrow web flexographic presses in line.

With a 30-years international experience of top quality production, and  more than 1300 installations in 100 countries all over the world,  Lombardi set a new standard in converting and printing technology, thanks to research and developement in feorefront solutions. The  technical concepts inspirating our projects led to unbelievable features of precision and easiness of use, recognized by  label printers all over the world.

The will of continuously improving the quality of our projects and production, never stop looking for always better solutions  and finally finding confirmation in customer satisfaction is the leading concept of our company, that reflects itself in our motto:


Highly professional engineers and top quality machinery  guarantees our well known affidability standard, which has been the key of our growth.


Innovation & research

Lombardi Converting Machinery believes in the power of technics, and its goal is to offer the leading technologies and to develope always up-to-date machineries.

More in detail our research moves in two main directions:  mechanical and electronical.

The main themes of the mechanical research are:

  • Projectation and developement of the best technical solutions in the world of printing and converting.
  • Search for robustness (i.e. elimination of the vibrations) as a key to obtain precision and affidability
  • Analysis and use of the best materials and treatments on them to obtain long-life, high-quality  products.

On the electonic side the major themes are:

  •  Highest possible automation of the machineries (i.e. to lower as much as possible the number of the operators needed )
  •  Maximum completeness in the electronic managing of the machineries
  •  Maximum simplicity of use

All of this can be summarized in the two cornerstones of our research: QUALITY AND SIMPLICITY.


The attenction to the theme of the Quality of the products is a main feature of the company.

Lombardi Converting Machinery pays much attenction to the theme of Quality. And this notion is intended in his double-side aspect of "Quality for the customer" and "Quality for the company" as a main key of success of the productive system.

In the first sense we believe that Quality is conformance to requirements. Every product or service has a requirement: a description of what customer needs. When a product meets  that requirement it has achieved Quality, provided that the requirement actually describes  what the customer needs. It is clear that this principle is  the cornersotone of customer satisfaction that, in this sense, represents a main theme of our company.

Quality is also quality of the productive system intended as  optimization of the processes. This Zero Defects notion of quality is the main frame in which takes place the evaluation of the company efficency. Covinced about the fact that a non conformity in the final product has a return on load of the efficency of the productive process (assistence, repairing, modifications)  we invest in the manufacturing of top quality machineries.

And this represents for us the link between the two aspects of Quality. The Quality for us is the Quality for the customer.

In a nutshell: if You win, We win.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

We measure customer satisfaction on the basis of two fundamental indicators:

  • satisfaction about products
  • satisfaction about services

About the first indicator we invest in the projectation and development of machineries that meet the customer needs. In particular we stated that in the wolrd of printing the main requested features of a machinery are Precision and Simplicity of use, both qualities that we consider as reference points in the projectation process.

About the second indicator is well known our philosophy of customer assistence. Availability and readiness of intervent are the basis of our service program. And after having sold more than 1200 machines in more than 100 countries all over the world we have proof of the satisfaction about our assistence.

The importance of the dialogue with the customer has always been our main convinction. To listen to customer's needs helps us to improve our assistence met

Your best is Our best.