Tradition and Innovation in flexographic printing

Advanced printing technology for labels and flexible packaging

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A. is a world-renowned Italian company with over three decades of international experience in the design and manufacture of modular in-line flexographic printing machines.

Founded with a vision of excellence, the company has solidified its position as a leader in the industry through continuous research and development of innovative solutions for narrow web and mid web applications.

With installations in over 100 countries worldwide, Lombardi Converting Machinery has set new standards in in-line flexographic printing technology, earning the trust and appreciation of label and flexible packaging printers.

The technical principles guiding the company's projects translate into unique features such as superior print precision and waste minimization, aimed at supporting circular economies.

Commitment to project and product quality has been a constant in Lombardi's history. This dedication is reflected in customer satisfaction, which represents the core of the company's philosophy.

The company relies on a highly specialized technical staff and the use of high-tech machinery, which are the guarantee of its renowned reliability and constant growth.

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A.'s main goal is to offer only the best to label and flexible packaging printers, helping them achieve excellence in their craft.

Lombardi is synonymous with Made in Italy: quality, innovation, and success in the world of flexographic printing.

Innovation & research in the printing industry

Lombardi Converting Machinery firmly embraces the potential of technology and tirelessly works on the development of cutting-edge machines with the aim of offering the most advanced technological solutions available in the label and flexible packaging printing market.

Our research activities, led by a team of expert engineers and industry specialists, focus on two fundamental fronts: mechanics and electronics.

In the field of mechanical research, we concentrate on:

- Designing and developing top-notch technical solutions in the printing and converting landscape.

- Enhancing robustness, with a particular emphasis on vibration elimination to ensure unparalleled precision and reliability.

- Analyzing and utilizing the highest quality materials, subjected to the most sophisticated treatments, to create products of exceptional durability and quality.

From an electronic perspective, our efforts are focused on:

- Optimizing the automation capabilities of our machines to minimize human intervention.

- Full electronic control of our machines, ensuring flawless operation.

- Maximum user-friendliness, allowing our customers to fully harness the potential of our products.

The study and control of mechatronics at the core of our philosophy translates into two invaluable guiding principles: quality and simplicity. Our mission is to provide technical solutions of excellence while constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to fully meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

The excellence of Made in Italy

Our dedication to the quality of our products is one of the fundamental pillars of Lombardi Converting Machinery's identity. We place enormous emphasis on the issue of quality, and in this context, we conceive the concept of "Quality" in two key dimensions: "Quality for the Customer" and "Quality for Society." These dimensions serve as the key to the success of the entire production system.

Regarding "Quality for the Customer," we understand it as the ability to meet the specific needs and requests of our customers. Every product or service is based on well-defined requirements, which represent nothing but the translation of the customer's needs. We believe that true Customer Satisfaction is achieved when our products perfectly meet these requirements. This principle is at the core of customer satisfaction and is of crucial importance to our company.

However, "Quality" goes beyond merely meeting customer expectations. For us, it also represents the optimization of our production processes. The concept of quality as "Zero defects" is the context in which we measure the effectiveness of our company. We are convinced that any non-conformity in the final product has a negative impact on the overall efficiency of our production system in terms of support, repairs, and necessary modifications. Therefore, we are committed to investing in high-precision and quality machinery to ensure that our products are flawless right from the production phase.

This connection between these two dimensions of "Quality" is what truly distinguishes our approach. For us, "Quality" for the customer represents "Quality" in its entirety, and it is the cornerstone upon which our corporate mission rests. Our dedication to quality not only ensures Customer Satisfaction but also fuels efficiency and excellence throughout our production process, guaranteeing top-notch products capable of providing pioneering and cutting-edge solutions for the printing market.

Customer Satisfaction: the heart of Lombardi Converting Machinery

At Lombardi Converting Machinery, we place Customer Satisfaction at the core of everything we do. We understand that our customers are the very reason for our existence, and as a result, we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

Our mission is to create excellence in-line flexographic printing machines that not only meet our customers' needs but surpass them. We believe that true Customer Satisfaction is achieved only when our products exceed expectations, providing impeccable performance, unmatched reliability, and exceptional results.

Our relationship with customers doesn't end with the sale. We are here to support them throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines, providing competent technical assistance and swift solutions when needed, such as remote support from our Service department. Customer Satisfaction is an ongoing responsibility for us.

We listen carefully to our customers' needs and use their feedback to continuously improve our products and services.

Collaboration with customers is paramount to us because we believe that together we can achieve extraordinary results.

We take pride in our numerous satisfied customers worldwide, who bear witness to our commitment to excellence. Their trust in Lombardi Converting Machinery is our greatest success.

In summary, Customer Satisfaction is our primary objective and driving force. We are committed to consistently exceeding our customers' expectations and maintaining our position as a leader in the in-line flexographic printing industry.