Computer automatic label punching system

Product overview

With numerical control, hydraulic-operating, for the production of every type of labels and/or envelopes of various design, type of paper and sizes.

All labels punched for every dimensions, are assembling on a slider plan, while the cut stops on the table. The important advantages are those consisting in the production of labels or envelopes, clean and packaged directly from the pack of paper sheets, without previous cutting.

The machine also allow the use of coupled hollow-punchs for a increased production, as well as possible attachement or a rotary gadget of 180░ (or of 360░ with electronic control) for the hollow-punch, suitable to produce joint ande upsidedown images. The hollow-punchs is of absolute precision (positioning accuracy 0,02 mm.) for an average production of about 250.000 labels/hourly.

Possibility to connect a personal computer to register any programs and adjustement of every labels. Any programs can be done on the machine or direct on printed sheets withpersonal computer.


Main features

Tech Specs

SpecificationsMASTER 80MASTER 110
Usable punching surface[mm]600x800800x1100
Maximum cutting size [mm]330x330330x330
Minimum cutting size [mm] 10x1010x10
Stack height [mm] 0-250-25
Margine di taglio in funzione del materiale e della dimensione [mm] 0-50-5
Numero di colpi per minuto [mm] 6565
Pressione di taglio [Kg]10.00010.000
Potenza installata [Hp] 7,57,5
Peso netto [Kg]1.9002.200
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