Prices are excluding VAT and any other local or STATE tax.


It will be customer responsibility to provide with proper foundation. The connection of power, compressed air, the exhaust of UV ozone to the external, etc., is at the expense of the customer, according to supplier instructions. Corresponding information will be communicated to the customer by Lombardi Converting SpA based on press configuration with sufficient time before the agreed delivery date.

Line connections such as electricity, air, etc., must be carried out according to the local regulations.

Any specific additional device for safety requested local regulations.

Everything not specifically included in the present offer.

Vessel/truck unloading as well as handling or transportation inside are at customer responsibility and charge.

Material for FAT test at supplier factory, material for SAT test at customer factory as well as those necessary for testing and training.

Preliminary acceptance (FAT – Factory Acceptance Test)

A preliminary acceptance with a standard printing form and standard materials is carried out together with the customer in the supplier plant (Brescia, Italy), using customer’s supplied raw materials (plates, ink, paper etc). All machine electric, mechanical and printing functions will be demonstrated.

If a preliminary acceptance with special materials and/or design is requested, the extra costs are at the expense of the customer. Data must be delivered to LOMBARDI CONVERTING SPA no later than 6 weeks before the acceptance date.

The machine is delivered after signed acceptance protocol for approval by the customer, and receipt of the agreed step payment.


Before starting the installation, and during start up and training, the buyer is responsible for the supply of all air, water, electrical connections to the equipment, and all necessary raw materials and tooling. Trained Lombardi technicians will perform installation and training for the agreed duration time indicated in the supply list. Unless different agreement, all expenses for travel, board and lodging are at customers responsibility.

Additional days exceeding what stipulated into the supply list will be charged according to standard Lombardi’s service rates.

Acceptance by customer (SAT – Site Acceptance Test)

After commissioning and installation at the customer’s premises, the same test run during FAT will be reproduced, as a final acceptance. The use of machine to produce saleable product will be considered as acceptance of machinery.

Consequently, the warranty period will start.


Lombardi can be kept responsible only for defects and malfunctioning of the machinery supplied.

Specifically, are expressly excluded any claims towards Lombardi for consequent losses, reduction, conversion and compensation for machine downtime, loss of production or consequential damage for lost profit, loss of material placed nearby the press.

Transfer of risk

After delivery at the installation site, the risk of the LOMBARDI CONVERTING SPA machine passes to the customer.


The warranty period begins with the commissioning, and last for 1 year for single shift work of 8 hours.

Warranty includes defective parts only, excluding wear and tear parts (such as doctor blades and the like), as well as any damage due to improper use or maintenance. All parts to replace will be supplied Ex Works our factory.

Warranty only covers parts confirmed defective, excluding working/travelling hours.

Living (hotels/meals) and travelling expenses necessary for repairs under warranty will be at customer charge.

Lombardi may ask the return of the defective parts.

When requested, defective parts replaced under warranty will have to be shipped back to Lombardi Converting Machinery under DDP conditions. Unless specifically differently agreed, any defective parts replaced under warranty not returned to Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A within 30 days from replacement date will be invoiced.

Technical documentation

Lombardi will supply copies of Manuals and instruction books, wear parts and CE certification in English.

Retention of title

The machine remains the property of the seller until receipt of the full purchase price.


Italian law and court of Milan